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Reality TV….uuggh!


I have been avoiding this topic for awhile but a show I watched last night was the last-last straw that broke the camel’s back, foot  etc etc.

Ok let start from the top – Reality TV has taken over main stream television – that’s for sure – fans/viewers etc basically made it top viewing telly. Here’s the reality , REALITY TV IS NOT REAL – I can hear some people gasping. They are all scripted to a point because in real life we humans don’t behave like reality TV people.

So I watch a few reality TV shows – I have cut back on some for moral reasons and I am cutting back on regular TV in general (I hope – I’ve been doing this for awhile it’s kind of hard) Need to get back to some reading cause I have piles and piles of literature to go through that pertains to my spiritual and moral being as well as to business cause I need to know more about running my own business. Also I joined a book club sometime ago bought the first 4 mandatory books and  have read only one – yes, yes I know that sounds bad – I wont even tell you what year I bought them. (Just checked my book shelf….yep they are still there in semi-mint condition) Anyway I like watching crime fighting shows cause I believe that the bad guys need to get it in the end and GOOD MUST prevail!! I love watching Food Network and HGTV – whether it is a challenge/competition or just watching people use different techniques to do something simple.  I guess you can consider those ‘reality TV’ as well I am not sure if the industry refers to them as that. Those for the most part doesn’t seem to be scripted. I have to watch Disney because of my daughter and any other kids show that comes along – as a matter of fact I have my faves in those too. I don’t mind watching it with her at least I know what she’s watching.


Ok I watch Biggest Loser – don’t judge me – Dancing with the Stars, The Amazing Race (my husband and I love this one we would go on it in a heart beat and be the cussing couple that make up in the end – not bad-bad cussing just the my-suggestion-will-work-yours-wont kind of argument) America’s Next Top Model – don’t judge me – I watch it for the photography section – really. I use to love Dog Whisperer  – I think that Cesar is cool at what he does – training the owners!!

Seriously though who thought of the Bad Girls Club – never watched it, only saw the ads, everybody fake-fighting, in each other’s face and pushing and bad words bad words bad words is that what makes you bad? I thought that if you were bad there is a ‘particular’ place that you were sent – so who are these wannabe’s???? Don’t get me started on Jersey Shore either, never watched it, but every news channel made sure I saw something from it!

I think there needs to be another warning label on shows –  Rated S for STUPID may cause massive loss of brain cells!

Anyway BREAKING AMISH advertised on TLC some time ago – wasn’t interested – scripted I thought. Then I saw a marathon going on one day – I got caught up in it – I should have gotten a book to read instead – I wasted brain cells and eye power on that….uuggh!!! It’s beyond scripted they probably left the Amish community years ago – they painted such a bad light such a bad bad light on the Amish. They made me so mad I wanted to run away and join the Amish. Now normally I talk to the people in the TV – don’t judge me you know you do it too!! But at their reunion show I saw last night (the back-breaking straw) I was saying “LIES, LIES you are all lying – Shameful, You’re a disgrace” Well suffice it to say I was a disgrace for getting caught up in such malarkey. All was revealed – DUI records – hidden marriages, hidden children, assault charges, basically hidden lifestyle and I am not talking about their Amish community – I think they were living ‘English’ all along. Oh my brain cells my lost lost brain cells! I have only myself to blame for getting caught up in something I said I wouldn’t get caught up in. One part of the show I dare to remember was when one guy went home to talk to his Mom and was so called ‘shunned’ at dinner and when he left the camera’s were still in the house and the Mom says in Pennsylvania Dutch(their language) ‘Why are they still here if he left?’ – which is what I was wondering – ahhh finally an unscripted part!

TLC, you don’t have to do another one of THAT again. Who owns TLC again – oh yeah Discovery channel the same people who bought Fit Tv and took off ALL THE FITNESS SHOWS!! I rest my case – ahhmmm where’s my book again??


~Girl who Rants in Blog

PEOPLE…O my O my!


So I wanted to write about this long ago – but there’s just some things I REALLY, REALLY can’t talk about. But alas there are somethings that I can and so I will.

Ahhh People, people, people what would the world be without it – void and without certain atrocities, that’s for sure. But we have to live with them we have to learn to get along with them and yes, yes it’s true we have to LOVE  them. Eeeeeeee, just felt a chill down my spine. Anyway I’m learning day by day to let people be. I can’t change them or fix them or make them see that what they are doing is crap. So I’m allowing them their fair share until they realise how far deep in it they are.

I like to advise people as a matter of fact I sometimes feel that’s part of my duty here on mother earth – To help in any way I can especially if I am equipped with the knowledge of the situation. In my line of work I advise people a lot (I should start charging – Oh I have). Now with clients it can be tricky – they want your advice – they ask for it – BUT if they don’t see the competitor doing it they don’t want to venture into it. They want first world – high-class and ‘top-of-the-line’ work but don’t want to pay for it.

I once quoted a client a DISCOUNTED figure for a job and the person said to me “So what can you do about the price?” In my head I said ‘increase it to its rightful amount’ but outwardly I said it was already discounted plus I have to pay my supplier as well. I was so annoyed these are the kind of people who spend oodles of dollars on shoes – something that’s going on the ground for heaven’s sake! (Ok so I like shoes like any other woman but I would rather get a fancy shoes for a bargain price) Not to mention the company had already spent money on a project that they didn’t go forward with – sigh – I was so annoyed I went to Facebook and did a mini rant:

[BTW – Mega Mart is similar to Wal-Mart]

So I went off the beaten path a bit – but I was pretty mad that day I had to share this – but that’s just how Client-people are especially with creative people. I don’t think they have ever asked their Doctors for a discount or even their Lawyers. Oohh I would love them to ask Oscar de la Renta or Gucci or Cartier to ‘do something about the price’. I know bargaining has always been on mans road to life – but when it is constantly done with creative people – especially in THIS country – then soon we wont be even on the road to life – just sitting in the bushes along the wayside. Sigh PEOPLE!


On a number of different occasions I’ve seen people either doing something or about to do something that I get a ‘feeling’ maybe they shouldnt. So I may say it to them. Sometimes I am met with harsh criticisms – or shunned completely – or worse ignored, they don’t even acknowledge what I’ve said some even change the subject. And believe me 85% of the time I was right – something ‘bad’ happened or a ‘good’ opportunity was passed and every fiber of my being wants to say I TOLD YOU SO! Because I got that ‘feeling’ you know. Sometimes I do say I told you so – years after when the ‘wounds’ been healed and not so harsh as how I wrote it.

So let me confess here – I can be a little, little, little insistent with my ‘advice’ that may come off a little, little, little bossy – so maybe that’s why some of the advice was never taken – As I said I am learning to let it go and allow people to learn on their own in certain matters – like I did in certain matters. But isn’t it really hard seeing someone about to step into dirty water, for example,  and not want to tell them WATCH OUT? In each situation although I want to say I TOLD YOU SO, I still feel bad for the person, especially if it’s something serious, costly or more so affects me!!!

However I have come to the realization that PEOPLE will always do what they want to do, I can’t change that, I can only give my advice and hope it helps and if they don’t take it hope that somebody else can help them, before they step into the dirty water.

As I hope somebody will stop me before I do. WARNING: I have been referred to as one of those stubborn-people!


~Girl who Rants in Blog

Work Place Woes II


I should probably rename my Blog “Rant when I feel like” or “My Monthly Day-ly rant” I can’t believe that it’s been a month – sometimes life gets in the way of life.

“So meanwhile back at the lab……”  (old cartoon humour)

Last Blog I ended with the clique boss, who loved to gossip about the other staff who were not in the clique. That Boss thrived on the oohs and the ahhs of the worker bee. Since I wasn’t that easily impressed – I didn’t ooh or ahh much so I was not in the clique. Let’s talk about different…..


  • The Don’t know the industry Boss: They didn’t come up in the particular industry they are in – they only know management – so when you would explain something to them, you can see the back of their head through their eyes because nothing is registering.
  • The I know a little but pretend to know a lot Boss: They know some jargons/terminologies they always remember the catchphrase from the last seminar – and use it repeatedly, they sometimes become autocratic – my way or the highway –highway please!
  • The Control Freak Boss: They may be autocratic also, but wants to be over you shoulder every minute to see what you are doing even though they have checks to sign off on or some other mundane managerial stuff. (I can call it that because I know – I now do the mundane managerial stuff for myself)
  • And then there’s The taking the Credit Boss – need I say more.

Let’s move on – it’s not the Bosses alone are an issue at the work place. Coworkers: some do become great friends for years – BUT then there are those that you don’t even want to pass on the street.


  • Have you ever seen crabs in a barrel? They try to climb on each other’s back to get out but they can’t, usually it’s because their claws gets snagged by another crab trying to get out. That’s what it’s like at some work place “Crab in-a barrel” we use that phrase to describe people who pull others down to get where they want to go – but alas they get nowhere. Especially in a small company where can you go really. And yet come the very next day they try the same foolishness again. Silly crabs!
  • The SPY – who is also the YES-MAN – they use people, to get what they want and to get on the good side of the boss. How do they sleep at nights? I’m not sure there are any other kind (apart from the ‘good’ ones) Because the one that will ‘stab you in the back  – is a spy and a yes-man. The one that takes the credit for departmental work – is a YES-MAN. And yet you can still call them crabs. Hmmmmmm I’m still thinking of other kinds….


There is a lot of talk in the media these days about bullying – this is not a new phenom. Bullying happens more often among adults than children – in my opinion. Bullying from the boss, bullying from fellow employees – and bullying doesn’t have to be the physical It’s the Psychological when it comes to the work place. It’s the subtle talk, whats insinuated, being berated for not being one of them or not even dressing like them. For example coworkers like to go out for drinks after work – or stay back and play games, or go to the latest network buzz fest. Personally I don’t drink, so why should I go out with you after seeing you for 8 hours of my life, which I can never get back, to have a drink? I don’t mind playing games – that can be fun. But if you are going to use this as apart of my evaluation about socializing then that’s just a bunch of malarkey! And the whole networking thing sometimes does not align with my personal belief and so therefore I avoid certain settings/situations. These are the things that are used against you sometimes, “Oh she doesn’t come to office functions, she’s anti-social” or “She only go to church functions” AND SO…. What I do with my personal time is my prerogative. It does not affect the quality of my work. Besides the point is I did socialize only with MY select few but ‘they’ didn’t know that. Tee hee hee.

6-Week Job

Anyway I said I would talk about the 6 -week work place. I think I left one job and ran into the other one too fast. “Out of the frying pan into the fire” Or INFERNO. That place was a work house – they would work late, late, late. Unpaid (yes unpaid) overtime is somewhat of a common place in the Advertising Industry here – especially if you have certain clients.  I was not able to live up to that – I would rather come in as early as possible to work – but alas the AE’s wouldn’t come in til late plus they sometimes didn’t understand what the client wanted – so you would sit there and wait from 8 am until about 12pm to finally get an assignment, do it send it off and the response comes back at 7pm when I should be home eating my dinner with my family. So 3 weeks in I knew it was not the job for me and was weighing doing things on my own. However, because of divine intervention – a job presented itself to me working with someone I had worked with before (a good guy) And so I gave my two-week notice and said Adios! I wont even mention the flirtatious supervisor or the porn surfing guy or the boss telling us when the client say jump we ask how high. huh? What decade are we living in.

All my experiences have helped me and taught me something, I am going through new ones now being my own boss. One particular workplace taught me 65% of what I know and use now, because of the other set of people the ‘good’ ones – and I still have friends there that I go back to and visit time and time again. No matter how you are treated in a workplace its best never to burn bridges.


~Girl who Rants in Blog