What should I write about me hmmmm. Should I say I’m a Christian, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend? Or Should I say Graphic Designer, Photographer, Screen-Printer, Beading Enthusiast and one time Potter (Ceramicist)?

Or should I say people call me stubborn, bossy and fussy?

Naaah the first set will do. I’m only opinionated within reason, paranoid within reason and suspicious within reason

That’s it for now…… I think.

Oh I could also tell you that I love to laugh, love to tell jokes, though sometimes I’m the only one laughing, love the outdoors when it’s cool and creepy insects are far away, love the beach, love food, love gatherings of family and friends, but also I don’t mind being by myself sometimes. Did I say love food?. Love watching TV some would say addict but who is listening to ‘some’ eh. But if I continue like this it would sound like I’m trying out for a pageant. Ahhh who cares ‘long walks on the beach….’ *joke* seriously, people take long walks on the beach? ooops this is not the RANT page.

I’m sometimes thick-skinned and I’m sometimes sensitive, I sometimes cry at commercials, and laugh at horror movies(cause you know sometimes they are silly). I like sharing with people stuff I’ve just discovered, I like helping people anyway I can, usually it’s advice and I really do believe LOVE can conquer all, because love is entwined in all areas of morality.

Yeah that’s it for now…….cant think of anything else but as soon as I do you’ll be the first to know.

Enjoy my RANTS and remember its just my opinion.

I am ~ Girl who Rants in Blog!

PS. My Blog is about things that happen around me or to me or my family and friends in my country. I may also see things happening in other countries that I feel the need to comment on or rant about as the case may be. As I said in the introduction of my first post there are issues that takes place in this world that creates injustices  which I feel are totally unnecessary. And I just feel the need to say something. I take a light hearted approach because sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves because of the silly things we do.

I use to write short stories I even did a course at our local University, no I am not published – only to myself. I hope to continue writing stories someday, its on my monstrous list of ‘Things to Do’. I think writing is therapeutic and I hope it works for me!



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