You think I have nothing to rant about huh? – well WRONG – I’ve been holding my tongue, errr my pen, ahhmmm my keyboard? ANYWAY you know what I mean.

So there is a trend going around  a mantra if you will (that term annoys me)– I think since the surge of life coaches/business coaches etc. That states in life you have to FAIL BEFORE YOU CAN SUCCEED. Say what now? What the heck does that mean really – because it’s a far cry from “If at first you don’t succeed try and try again”

This is what has been permeating the internet – Hmmm I could list a lot more failures AFTER their success – so what does that mean hmmm?

They even go on to show you celebrities who have ‘failed’ before they succeed. Now whats that all about. So as a business woman are they telling me I must think failure first and then in some fell swoop I’m going to succeed right after. What a bunch of malarkey. I have never heard such utter rubbish before in my life.

I think it’s a stupid way to boost people in business in their lives and in ones overall outlook on life. NOW I am not saying that everything one touches will turn to gold – or you won’t experience some set backs/delays in life. But what is being taught here? – THINK FAILURE FIRST? I think it’s a backward way of doing things and it doesn’t always boost people to work harder – I think it will make some persons complacent with where they are – the skeptic may say “well it’s going to fail anyway so why continue” And what about children? What is this teaching them? That there are walls and walls of failure in life and then boom success somewhere over it. Wont that make them try a short cut to success? That may not be, a legitimate way either.

It may very well be a conspiracy to keep ‘certain’ people at a particular stage – and not explore more or further (but that’s a whole different rant) I feel all these coaches or persons – and I am singling out coaches because I follow a whole host of business coaches online and most of them think this way. I feel they should rethink their strategy and try to boost people in their lives and business another way. Let’s go back to the old mantra – I mean saying “If at first you don’t succeed try and try again” It worked well for me and all the other generations before us and we are doing pretty well in my opinion.

People, please, stop using backhanded ways and making the word fail/failure out to be a positive one – because right behind it is success. – WRONG.  There are some well-meaning well thinking persons who have latched on to this foolishness and started repeating it to others. SERIOUSLY! It doesn’t always work like that – fail – then succeed. Besides there was an incident about a boy who went up against a giant and defeated him ONE TIME – which was the first time – pretty successful I think. Now can you imagine if they had told him you are going to FAIL first before you SUCCEED and he approached the giant with that mind-set – I don’t think it would have worked out so well for his village. You know what I mean.

That’s all I’m saying.


– Girl who Rants in Blog


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