Showing my ‘Gratitude’


So I’ve decided to show my profound gratitude to one particular utility company – since I’ve come to realise that there are a lot of ungrateful people in this world. Will chat about that soon – eventually!


Firstly, thank You for allowing me to feel exactly what a neglected child must feel like – because you know I grew up with loving parents so I was sheltered from this. But you’ve opened up my eyes. I never knew that this was part of the criteria for living on the outskirts of corporate kingdom!!

THANK YOU for allowing me to live with my natural self for those days we didn’t have water, whilst you toiled away at the same repairs from last year or was it the year before that??!! Don’t worry that you didn’t send any trucks out, that’s fine our natural self was a good change, to freshness and such.

Ahhh water - how elusive you've been.

Ahhh water – how elusive you’ve been.

THANK YOU for giving me time off from household duties such as washing, cleaning and to some extent cooking – who needs to do that anyway? Besides, the pile up of clothes in the basket is no big deal – doing twice the work as a working Mom is just so-much-fun. (clenched teeth) And the brownish hue that descended on the floor was not bad, our lungs got use to it after a few coughs. That’s more due to how snuggly we are placed beside our neighbours here on the outskirts of corporate Kingdom. (no room for trees and such)

THANK YOU for constantly directing me, with your weekly reminders, to thinking about getting one of your water tanks from you or whoever it is that is heavily invested in that booming business – due to the minimal flow of your product. Maybe I should get 2 or 3??? hmmmmm?

And your customer service, awwwww, you all must be truly overworked having to tell the same story every single time someone calls to complain, it’s no wonder you all have stopped answering the phone.

It’s been like this on the outskirts of corporate kingdom the few years I have been here – every week I am without your precious commodity – you remind me to say….THANK YOU.


– Girl who Rants in Blog


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