Jamaican, but Ordinary


You must be wondering why I havent posted anything in a while – or maybe I have nothing to rant about hahahaha – yeah right not so. I’ve been busy with my work and several things came up but no time to rant about it – so this may be more than my usually rant ramble – I may divert all over the place.

I’m Jamaican but I’m Ordinary

Jamaica Flag

Respect Due!

I know people all over the world know about Jamaica – and yes we have white sandy beaches – we LOVE to laugh – we have athletes – we have Bob Marley – we have Reggae & Dancehall and a whole host of famous artistes and popular dance movements. They also know the bad parts, lotto scam, gun & violence(cringing just writing this) road accidents, a weakening economy, yadda yadda yadda. If I didn’t write the country’s name this could be about any country. However this is just 20% of the whole country – 10% of the popular things 10% of the bad things(wish there was none) but the other 80% is just us ordinary folks doing ordinary things in our everyday ordinary life – just like everybody else in the world.

I heard someone was coming to Jamaica to do yet another documentary on the lotto scam – I got soooo annoyed as well as embarrassed for my country – I know how I feel when I get those annoying emails from some country saying I have billions of euro to get – yeah right!!! Then I started to wonder when is someone coming to do a documentary on me and my friends and family – you know something nice!!!  Not just about the bad apple making look bad for the 80% bunch!!! Yes we have had some good documentaries done – usually about the inner city and what they are trying to do to elevate themselves. That’s nice – but that does not represent me either. Oh I get it there is no shock value in my ordinary life because:

  • I am NOT a part of the lotto scam – WILL NEVER BEbobmlegend
  • I have never touched or held a gun – and the only time I see one is in the holster of the police – or on TV
  • I don’t have a famous reggae singing Daddy – My Daddy was a Public Health Inspector
  • I have never smoked weed – Don’t want to, probably can’t anyway – Smoked cigarette twice, and each time I was coughing and coughing my eyes were runny and red and so was my nose I started sneezing and thought I would pass out – yep my sinusitis kicked me in the face. (sorry mommy I never did it again)
  • I’m not a famous Athlete – although I use to run very well in High School – and I was pretty darn good too!!
  • I don’t have dreadlocks – don’t want it, cant handle it –Do you know that some countries do not think you are a true reggae artistes unless you have dreadlocks – so I find that most singers (especially male) as soon as they start to tour, in order for them to get the accolades they deserve they start to locks – hmmm shallow?)
  • I love reggae music – not so much a Dancehall fan – it’s a little too, risqué for me
  • Although we’ve adopted Carnival – I don’t like it – gonna get cussing from some of my friends for this one

SEE – ordinary – some may even say boring BUT…

Jamaica Colourful with Parishes

  • I love the work I do – Contractual Graphic Designer– so I work for myself – fun and something different and new happening all the time
  • Most of my friends have their own businesses too – Some even going international (big up Cabbie Chronicles)
  • I love traveling – only been to 3 countries though the UK , US & Antigua – I’m hoping to go to all the main continents one day.
  • I love traveling all over my island – I’ve been to all 14 Parishes, stayed over in 9 of them(10 if you count the one I live in), gone all around the island once – went one direction one weekend and the following direction the other weekend – LOVED IT Portroyal's Legacy smlwant to do it again with my camera this time!!
  • I love staying in hotels – especially all-inclusive Jamaican owned hotels – so does my daughter – the kid’s got her mama’s heart!!!
  • I love going to any ‘Food’ festival – we have a lot – I like going to the Jerk Festivals and to any Sea Food Festival – I am yet to go to the Yam Festival
  • I love going to the beach, but it has to be a road-trip beach-trip kind of thing – I don’t get to do it often – you think just because I’m an islander I’m there all the time huh? not so.
  • I love going to Craft Markets and Expositions, Gallery opening – or Exhibition Launch (that’s when they have the food tee hee hee)

You see it’s like this for the 80% of us – ordinary things an ordinary life –  But now that I look at it, I think we, the 80% are more than that, I think we are MORE THAN ORDINARY!!


Girl Who Rants in Blog

PS. No, I don’t want a documentary on me – I’m just ranting – I’d more likely like to Design the credits!!


3 thoughts on “Jamaican, but Ordinary

  1. splurt says:

    *John legend voice* we’re just ordinary peeeooople, we know where we want to goooo…” jamaican people that is, we are simultaneously the best and the worst and the inbetweens , deserving our fair share of the cheers and boos…. keep writing, still waiting for that novel :D…nuff respect from the Cabbienet

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