Reality TV….uuggh!


I have been avoiding this topic for awhile but a show I watched last night was the last-last straw that broke the camel’s back, foot  etc etc.

Ok let start from the top – Reality TV has taken over main stream television – that’s for sure – fans/viewers etc basically made it top viewing telly. Here’s the reality , REALITY TV IS NOT REAL – I can hear some people gasping. They are all scripted to a point because in real life we humans don’t behave like reality TV people.

So I watch a few reality TV shows – I have cut back on some for moral reasons and I am cutting back on regular TV in general (I hope – I’ve been doing this for awhile it’s kind of hard) Need to get back to some reading cause I have piles and piles of literature to go through that pertains to my spiritual and moral being as well as to business cause I need to know more about running my own business. Also I joined a book club sometime ago bought the first 4 mandatory books and  have read only one – yes, yes I know that sounds bad – I wont even tell you what year I bought them. (Just checked my book shelf….yep they are still there in semi-mint condition) Anyway I like watching crime fighting shows cause I believe that the bad guys need to get it in the end and GOOD MUST prevail!! I love watching Food Network and HGTV – whether it is a challenge/competition or just watching people use different techniques to do something simple.  I guess you can consider those ‘reality TV’ as well I am not sure if the industry refers to them as that. Those for the most part doesn’t seem to be scripted. I have to watch Disney because of my daughter and any other kids show that comes along – as a matter of fact I have my faves in those too. I don’t mind watching it with her at least I know what she’s watching.


Ok I watch Biggest Loser – don’t judge me – Dancing with the Stars, The Amazing Race (my husband and I love this one we would go on it in a heart beat and be the cussing couple that make up in the end – not bad-bad cussing just the my-suggestion-will-work-yours-wont kind of argument) America’s Next Top Model – don’t judge me – I watch it for the photography section – really. I use to love Dog Whisperer  – I think that Cesar is cool at what he does – training the owners!!

Seriously though who thought of the Bad Girls Club – never watched it, only saw the ads, everybody fake-fighting, in each other’s face and pushing and bad words bad words bad words is that what makes you bad? I thought that if you were bad there is a ‘particular’ place that you were sent – so who are these wannabe’s???? Don’t get me started on Jersey Shore either, never watched it, but every news channel made sure I saw something from it!

I think there needs to be another warning label on shows –  Rated S for STUPID may cause massive loss of brain cells!

Anyway BREAKING AMISH advertised on TLC some time ago – wasn’t interested – scripted I thought. Then I saw a marathon going on one day – I got caught up in it – I should have gotten a book to read instead – I wasted brain cells and eye power on that….uuggh!!! It’s beyond scripted they probably left the Amish community years ago – they painted such a bad light such a bad bad light on the Amish. They made me so mad I wanted to run away and join the Amish. Now normally I talk to the people in the TV – don’t judge me you know you do it too!! But at their reunion show I saw last night (the back-breaking straw) I was saying “LIES, LIES you are all lying – Shameful, You’re a disgrace” Well suffice it to say I was a disgrace for getting caught up in such malarkey. All was revealed – DUI records – hidden marriages, hidden children, assault charges, basically hidden lifestyle and I am not talking about their Amish community – I think they were living ‘English’ all along. Oh my brain cells my lost lost brain cells! I have only myself to blame for getting caught up in something I said I wouldn’t get caught up in. One part of the show I dare to remember was when one guy went home to talk to his Mom and was so called ‘shunned’ at dinner and when he left the camera’s were still in the house and the Mom says in Pennsylvania Dutch(their language) ‘Why are they still here if he left?’ – which is what I was wondering – ahhh finally an unscripted part!

TLC, you don’t have to do another one of THAT again. Who owns TLC again – oh yeah Discovery channel the same people who bought Fit Tv and took off ALL THE FITNESS SHOWS!! I rest my case – ahhmmm where’s my book again??


~Girl who Rants in Blog


2 thoughts on “Reality TV….uuggh!

  1. I totally fell for the Breaking Amish bologna. Thought it was true and was totally interested and routing for those kids. Regretted wasting whole hours of my life on a fake show about fake Amish teens.

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