PEOPLE…O my O my!


So I wanted to write about this long ago – but there’s just some things I REALLY, REALLY can’t talk about. But alas there are somethings that I can and so I will.

Ahhh People, people, people what would the world be without it – void and without certain atrocities, that’s for sure. But we have to live with them we have to learn to get along with them and yes, yes it’s true we have to LOVE  them. Eeeeeeee, just felt a chill down my spine. Anyway I’m learning day by day to let people be. I can’t change them or fix them or make them see that what they are doing is crap. So I’m allowing them their fair share until they realise how far deep in it they are.

I like to advise people as a matter of fact I sometimes feel that’s part of my duty here on mother earth – To help in any way I can especially if I am equipped with the knowledge of the situation. In my line of work I advise people a lot (I should start charging – Oh I have). Now with clients it can be tricky – they want your advice – they ask for it – BUT if they don’t see the competitor doing it they don’t want to venture into it. They want first world – high-class and ‘top-of-the-line’ work but don’t want to pay for it.

I once quoted a client a DISCOUNTED figure for a job and the person said to me “So what can you do about the price?” In my head I said ‘increase it to its rightful amount’ but outwardly I said it was already discounted plus I have to pay my supplier as well. I was so annoyed these are the kind of people who spend oodles of dollars on shoes – something that’s going on the ground for heaven’s sake! (Ok so I like shoes like any other woman but I would rather get a fancy shoes for a bargain price) Not to mention the company had already spent money on a project that they didn’t go forward with – sigh – I was so annoyed I went to Facebook and did a mini rant:

[BTW – Mega Mart is similar to Wal-Mart]

So I went off the beaten path a bit – but I was pretty mad that day I had to share this – but that’s just how Client-people are especially with creative people. I don’t think they have ever asked their Doctors for a discount or even their Lawyers. Oohh I would love them to ask Oscar de la Renta or Gucci or Cartier to ‘do something about the price’. I know bargaining has always been on mans road to life – but when it is constantly done with creative people – especially in THIS country – then soon we wont be even on the road to life – just sitting in the bushes along the wayside. Sigh PEOPLE!


On a number of different occasions I’ve seen people either doing something or about to do something that I get a ‘feeling’ maybe they shouldnt. So I may say it to them. Sometimes I am met with harsh criticisms – or shunned completely – or worse ignored, they don’t even acknowledge what I’ve said some even change the subject. And believe me 85% of the time I was right – something ‘bad’ happened or a ‘good’ opportunity was passed and every fiber of my being wants to say I TOLD YOU SO! Because I got that ‘feeling’ you know. Sometimes I do say I told you so – years after when the ‘wounds’ been healed and not so harsh as how I wrote it.

So let me confess here – I can be a little, little, little insistent with my ‘advice’ that may come off a little, little, little bossy – so maybe that’s why some of the advice was never taken – As I said I am learning to let it go and allow people to learn on their own in certain matters – like I did in certain matters. But isn’t it really hard seeing someone about to step into dirty water, for example,  and not want to tell them WATCH OUT? In each situation although I want to say I TOLD YOU SO, I still feel bad for the person, especially if it’s something serious, costly or more so affects me!!!

However I have come to the realization that PEOPLE will always do what they want to do, I can’t change that, I can only give my advice and hope it helps and if they don’t take it hope that somebody else can help them, before they step into the dirty water.

As I hope somebody will stop me before I do. WARNING: I have been referred to as one of those stubborn-people!


~Girl who Rants in Blog


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