Work Place Woes


I was browsing the web and I came across an article that said – “Don’t blog about the office” (strange I can’t find it now) and I figured since I don’t work in a traditional office anymore – why not?

So I’ve worked at several places in my time – should I count them out …. naah. However one particular one was for 6 weeks!!! It’s not as bad as it sounds. I’ll explain later. All of these Jobs I thought I would be doing them for awhile but certain circumstances made me move on. I left one job because it was rumored they were going to fire people because the company was ‘over-staffed and inefficient.’ They moved me from one department to the next, you know how they do stuff like this to frustrate you, because it wasn’t a promotion. I figured I would be going out because I was the last one in – so I jumped ship. I was young (ger) and didn’t want a bad ‘stain’ on my resume little did I know I would have gotten some money for their treachery. Another job was because I was over worked and underpaid – who isn’t? Seriously though I was doing things I never signed up to do – I was thrust in a role of leadership without training – I learnt on the job. It was hard telling people what to do and how to do it – Why? you ask, because I’m a girl, and I’m not very tall! Now, don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t believe I can lead as a woman – it’s that others think they should be leading. You get my drift. So I got the 7-year itch after about 3 years and jumped ship! And another job I was fired! Oh they call it being layed off or made REDUNDANT. Isn’t that a daunting word REDUNDANT (say “tun tun duh” after – see what I mean daunting) Do you know what that word means: redundant  |riˈdəndənt| adjective no longer needed or useful; superfluous oohh that’s harsh no longer needed. It took me awhile to get over the word – not the place I was glad to move on, reason was I didn’t want when I said REDUNDANT to people – they look at me with the ‘sad face’ awww like it’s the end of the world, which would make me feel worse. Anyway I knew then as I know now that I was being led to where I belong and would be needed.

Moving right along, in most jobs people are afraid of the boss – that shouldnt be. We all need to remember as humans we all put the food in one end and it comes out the other end. So they are no different from us. But when the boss is coming we scramble and get back to our desk, we pretend like we are doing something when they pass us and try to be the first to answer their question when asked…yeeesh tiring! I know of a particular Boss who ‘befriended’ everyone and asked about family etc you know what I mean they were ‘nice’. However I was ALWAYS uneasy around that boss. And I didn’t know why. I remember I once asked for permission to do something and I specified the amount of time I would take – well I went over the time and was a little late. Then a speech was given the next day I think, in an impromptu staff meeting to talk about tardiness and personal time etc… seriously….I don’t think I’m that paranoid, but was that speech for me? So I did a mature thing I rendered my apologies written of course, cause I’m a professional – only to be told, in a whisper of course, the speech wasnt for me but for another staff member….yeah right I can just picture the boss talking to the other staff member, in a whisper of course, “it wasnt for you it was for the new short girl.” That Boss proceeded to tell me about the other person and the ‘bad’ stuff she does. Hmmmmmm but correct me if I’m wrong but is a boss suppose to do that? Ahhhh Now I see why I was uneasy. That particular boss eventually found the kind of persons who would listen to the ‘stories’ and they would sit together and talk and talk for hours at lunch time – nothing wrong with that right? However whenever you walk in the room, it would go deadly quiet, and one of the cohorts would say something silly like, ‘hey girl I like those shoes’ or they would start talking about their food or looking out the window at some random person – because they don’t want you to figure out anything. Hahahahahahahahahahaha “silly rabbit tricks are for kids”

Awww lookee here I’m almost at the end of a , self-imposed, alloted amount of text to use in a rant, and I’ve got lots and lots and lots more to rant about. Like Food in fridge, watching the clothes people wear and the ever-present spy that’s in every traditional office. Stay tuned for part 2 and maybe even part 3! Tun tun duh!


~Girl who Rants in Blog


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