Don’t You Hate it When…..


Hate is such a strong word


(it doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily but it will do)

  1. ….You have all these things to write in your blog but when you sit down to finally do it you go blank?
  2. ….You see someone you know from high school and you raise your hand and wave ‘Hi’ and they look at you as if they don’t know you?
  3. ….The teller at the bank decides to go on a break when it’s your turn?
  4. ….You are the second person in a line and two friends come in chit-chatting to the person that’s in front of you and suddenly they are in the line?
  5. ….You are shuffling from one foot to the next in the line and feel the person behind you body parts touching yours? eeeewwww!
  6. ….The person behind you sigh’s and you feel their breath on your neck? eeeewwww!
  7. ….You are in a hurry and the system/cash register goes down when its your turn?
  8. …You are driving in a merry mood and mistakenly stop too far out in the road for the other traffic and the other driver decides to ‘cuss you out’ and you only figure out a plucky comeback when he’s 20 feet away? (or is that just me hmmmm)
  9. ….You stop for a pedestrian to cross only to see them talking on the phone and walking slower than a snail?
  10. ….the light changes to green but the traffic is not moving only to notice the person in front of you is on their cell phone?
  11. ….You are in a long line of traffic and  someone decides to over take everyone only to cut in front of you? (Why do I have to be the nice one? Better to be safe than sorry)
  12. ….You sit down to lunch, to try out the food from the new restaurant and someone comes in and say “The food there is awful”?
  13. ….You are eating your yummy meal and someone says “How dat look so?” (Translation: Why does that look like that?)
  14. ….You are eating and someone decides to tell a story of the time they got sick eating what you are currently eating?
  15. ….You just finished cleaning and washing up – only to go back and see a dirty plate in the sink?
  16. ….You just sweep the front of your yard and then you neighbour decides to prune his hedge?
  17. ….Someone drives into the quiet community and decides to honk their horn to the get the attention of your neighbour? Seriously!! use your cell phone, call them DUH or better yet get out of the darn car!!


~Girl Who Rants in Blog


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