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So I decided to lay off the traffic thing for awhile …just for awhile.

I’ve always been a stickler for good service. I simply feel that if you give me good service I will keep coming back for more of your product, business etc. My main area of woe, is fast food customer service. Not because it’s ‘fast food’ does it mean the service should be nill. Besides, fast food joints have more people going through it than peak hour at a toll booth. So one would expect that they would have perfected the art by now.

One Saturday morning we took our daughter to her favourite breakfast spot. I went in and politely said “Good Morning” and ordered what we wanted, with a smile and such pleasantries – and all I got back was a drawling repeat of my order and no return of my greeting – while she looked over at another customer – who was complaining about something. Hmmmmm interesting. After awhile the customer began to annoy me – she sent back something twice(her prerogative), but she spoke very loudly and condescendingly to the staff, that’s not nice. I’m standing there thinking oh, that’s why I can’t get a ‘Good Morning’ and such pleasantries, because they feel everybody will treat them like that. Sometimes it seems as if when you are loud and boisterous you get somewhat of a better ‘service’. What kind of crazy mixed up world do we live in? And you know, people like me are paranoid about doing crap like that. We fear extra protein-filled moisture would be added to our meal. Plus, we would end up feeling bad afterwards anyway.(awww shucks sometime we too nice!) So instead of being loud boisterous and condescending, I do what my mama taught me – Be polite.

Sometimes I feel like the ‘good-guys’ are losing….(will deal with this a next time)

So this past weekend I went to a pastry place in the food court of a popular mall (no I wasnt buying pastry, this time). I ordered a smoothie from the young lady that was standing about two feet away from the cash register. She turned slowly looked at me and nodded that she had heard me and went back to fixing what she was doing before she started gathering the ingredients for my smoothie. It was obvious something was wrong, maybe she wasn’t feeling well – so I wasnt mad at her. However I know that when working in the food industry especially with direct contact with your customers you have to be Ms-Mary-Sunshine and they need not figure out you are ‘sick’. Management should be aware of these things and take her off cashier duty and at least allow her to recoup before dealing with customers. Still not mad at her, I think.

I always seem to get the  – ‘sour puss’ or the ‘mad at the world’ or the ‘I-cant-stand-you-cause-you’re-on-the-other-side-of-this-counter’ persons to deal   I go to fast food joints. I once thought I was doing something wrong – but then I realised I’m not the only one who gets this kind of treatment. Maybe it’s a sign I should quit eating fast food hmmmmmm food for thought!

I remember when my husband and I use to go to ‘fancy’ restaurants, that’s before diaper, baby cereal and now school fee. There’s one particular place we always go back to for Birthday’s or Anniversaries. We would get the same waiter every time and he was goooood. He would make suggestions whenever we were indecisive, and sometimes I don’t choose so quickly, he would check back with us at just the right time, he just made us feel like a King and a Queen and we would amply show our appreciation. We will definitely go back to that restaurant – and not just to the take out section either.

There are places in this country, that have excellent customer service. I find that they’ve trained their staff well and it tends to sometimes have an exclusive feel (it’s all the rage dah-ling) and in some cases expensive. Why is that? You get what you pay for? I don’t fully believe this one bit – cause in my line of business clients get MORE, WAY MORE than they pay for (maybe I should increase my charge) because I believe in giving them the best quality customer service sometimes beyond my call-of-duty. I want to keep them coming back – isn’t that the first rule of business? Everyone should feel like a King or a Queen when they walk up to the counter of a fast food joint and say “Could I please have a number 3 with a large soda?”, besides it’s money being spent that could be spent at the other fast food place right?


~Girl Who Rants in Blog


3 thoughts on “Customer Service

  1. splurt says:

    and what is up with some fast food restaurant bathrooms? they just as sour faced as some of the servers, and, should’nt bathroom facilities have some sort of ratio to seating capacity and peak hour dining? what if the chicken is kina off and errybody haffi guh bathroom sametime? and i’m calling names, a big bollox to BURGER KING for upping the prices in the middle of the promotion, you can get the middle digit… sorry clavs..went off on a dennis miler tangent there…love the blog tho’, keep banging

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