I’m Blogging!


Hey all I am finally into the blogging thing – well I’m not sure yet – we’ll see. I’ve been concerned about a number of things, such as traffic on the roads – bad roads – bad drivers – traffic officers – taxi drivers – bus drivers etc etc etc(are you depicting a theme here hmmmmm) Anyway injustices in life annoys me – it annoys me so much that I rant about it to my family’s poor unsuspecting ear. I can hear you saying ‘but thats life’ – I dont think so, some of the issues that takes place in this world that creates injustices are totally unnecessary.

Ok that was a mini rant we’ll get back to that – I’ve always liked to write stuff down – to remember it mainly – but I use to write short stories as a child, I still remember some of them I still have some of them. I attempted it as an adult but kept changing it around – until I saw the title of ‘my original story’ as a TV series – ugh – story of my life. Suffice it to say – it doesnt remotely resemble my story and I think mine would have been pretty darn good. Yeah I boasted about my story – its my opinion and we haven’t started paying taxes for opinions….yet. So thats the extent of my ‘writing credentials’.

So where do I start……


Based on what I said before you would think that I do a lot of driving…well not really. Its just that when I finally do I have numerous stories to tell – and right now I am not remembering any…..except for the last ticket I got – dont judge me! Its not for speeding….this time.

It was a warmish mid morning – I was annoyed at something or someone (yes, I get annoyed easily don’t worry I’m being worked on) and I was driving in to a meeting with a client. I decided to take a short cut from Maxfield Road to get to Cross Roads – everybody knows ‘short-cut draws blood’.  So it was a BAAAD idea – there’s been a strong presence Police and Traffic Wardens on the road lately but I wasnt really worried, my papers were fine and my tag was up-to-date. So, I went on my merry way trying to deal with why I was peeved. Then suddenly a man crossed the street and waved at me – so I kissed my teeth and said ‘knuckle-head’. Lo and behold he was warning me about the cop around the corner – crap, I thought – too late to send up a prayer now huh? She waved me to the side of the road and I complied and switched my engine off.

She told me her name, cant remember it now, couldnt remember it then either – does anyone ever really remember what they say before they say ‘papers’? And aren’t they soppose to tell us their badge number so I can know that she’s really a cop, aside from the precariously poised hat and the waist cinching pants.

Ah yet still, I digress, so I gave her the car documents and hoped that that would suffice – then the Transport Authority dude came over – looked at it, looked at me, looked at the car , looked at me again (he was probably wondering why I was driving a car like that – they all do) He checked the lights – the break lights – the brand new tyres and I felt a little relieved, because nothing was wrong – so I figured I would reach my 10:00 meeting on time. “Open the bonnet” he said and I was nervous now, he made me rock the steering wheel from side to side in quick succession – seriously, who drives like that on the road? He told me something was wrong with the steering wheel – that its too loose in the______ (cant remember) and its not fit to drive on the road and that he would be taking off the license plates. [insert frightened internet cat here]

At this time I was beyond peeved – the day wasnt going well at all – but still I remained quiet not calm because inside I was jumping, kicking, screaming and a little cussing(no not bad words).

My ‘unfair’ ticket

I tried talking to him by saying the car is fine when I’m driving it – it was inspected before yadda yadda yadda – nothing worked. WHY? Because they had a quota to fill and they were targeting certain cars – yes, I said it and I believe it – convince me otherwise. They had me waiting for about 15 minutes in the now, BLAZING HOT SUN, burning up, before they finally wrote up the trumped up ticket. WHY so long you ask, you….know….why. In the midst of all this while I was pleading my case, someone brought a screw driver and was handing it to me to hand over to the transport dude……seriously, I looked at it looked at him and went right back to talking. In hindsight, I should have taken it and threw it across the road.

So, I stood there with my head hanging – trying not to look up to see their callous faces, and also to prevent myself from sinning. And I guess the female officer felt ‘sorry’ for me and was calling another ‘knuckle-head’  I mean, officer to come and explain things to me again. He said “she hear it already, besides she look like she…” I didnt hear the last part but I assumed he thought I was going to cry. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Poor thing, doesn’t even know the mayhem that was taking place inside me, and that he was being saved by a Powerful source, from the wrath of my unbridled tongue. (no no no not bad words – there is too much words in the English language to resort to that). So like I said 15 minutes to write a ticket…hmmm what does that say about the Education system…lets save that rant for a next time.

So I drove off, yes they made me drive off in the ‘defective motor vehicle’ – funny huh?

Without plates

24hrs to rectify the vehicle and

A dumb (expensive)  ticket

I have no problem with people doing their job – let me state that now, I probably should have said that at the beginning. I guess I was hoping for a warning, seeing that I was made to drive off in the ticketed vehicle. I don’t know everything about my vehicle, maybe I should, but even when he was pointing out the thing to me – he called the name – I had to ask him what that was. He should have realised my limited knowledge about my vehicle and exercised his discretion – I guess he thought I wasn’t being truthful – and I guess I thought he would be ‘nice’, I guess we were both wrong.

Anyway, now when I see Traffic Authority people on the road I’m a little annoyed/nervous, but alas they ARE on the road for a reason and I should respect that, but like I said I’m being worked on it’s gonna take time because there’s still a void where my money use to be. Plus I keep working out how much gas I could have gotten with that (about a week and a half). Well, funds collected via traffic tickets goes toward the countries infrastructure, I think, so I hope that MY money, actually goes towards fixing the roads. [insert sarcastic face here]

So I end with a disclaimer: I try my best to be a lawful citizen – I respect the offices of the Police Force and the Transport Authority, and I DO NOT under any circumstances purport to be a person who abhors authority, that is not what my rant is about.


~Girl who Rants in Blog

Gov’t Projects More Than $1b From Traffic Tickets

4 thoughts on “I’m Blogging!

  1. Dom says:

    hush, I too have one of those yellow papers – I keep it on my notice board. Lord knows why though, everytime I’d look at it, it made my blood boil. Actually, now it just makes me mildly irritated, when I think of the officious youngster who wrote me up. It was so obvious he was just trying to fill his quota for the day. Ok, so now I know why I keep that ticket on the board…it’s my lesson in catharsis. One day I shall look upon it and smile….one day. (grrrrr)

  2. Grace Jervis says:

    Happy to participate in this blog Klaves. Truth be told, there’s method within the madness of life’s injustices. They remind us that this is an imperfect world; that we all are (young upstart policemen included) works in progress! This is not a cop out Klavie because I am president of the ‘Ranting Club’ you are just becoming a member of so…welcome! I am learning daily, that God moves in mysterious (sometimes mischievous) ways His wonders to perform. Since my constant prayer is for patience guess what…He has allowed me to be in situations and among people who make it possible for me to learn same. Hang in there hon! Looking forward to more.

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