You think I have nothing to rant about huh? – well WRONG – I’ve been holding my tongue, errr my pen, ahhmmm my keyboard? ANYWAY you know what I mean.

So there is a trend going around  a mantra if you will (that term annoys me)– I think since the surge of life coaches/business coaches etc. That states in life you have to FAIL BEFORE YOU CAN SUCCEED. Say what now? What the heck does that mean really – because it’s a far cry from “If at first you don’t succeed try and try again”

This is what has been permeating the internet – Hmmm I could list a lot more failures AFTER their success – so what does that mean hmmm?

They even go on to show you celebrities who have ‘failed’ before they succeed. Now whats that all about. So as a business woman are they telling me I must think failure first and then in some fell swoop I’m going to succeed right after. What a bunch of malarkey. I have never heard such utter rubbish before in my life.

I think it’s a stupid way to boost people in business in their lives and in ones overall outlook on life. NOW I am not saying that everything one touches will turn to gold – or you won’t experience some set backs/delays in life. But what is being taught here? – THINK FAILURE FIRST? I think it’s a backward way of doing things and it doesn’t always boost people to work harder – I think it will make some persons complacent with where they are – the skeptic may say “well it’s going to fail anyway so why continue” And what about children? What is this teaching them? That there are walls and walls of failure in life and then boom success somewhere over it. Wont that make them try a short cut to success? That may not be, a legitimate way either.

It may very well be a conspiracy to keep ‘certain’ people at a particular stage – and not explore more or further (but that’s a whole different rant) I feel all these coaches or persons – and I am singling out coaches because I follow a whole host of business coaches online and most of them think this way. I feel they should rethink their strategy and try to boost people in their lives and business another way. Let’s go back to the old mantra – I mean saying “If at first you don’t succeed try and try again” It worked well for me and all the other generations before us and we are doing pretty well in my opinion.

People, please, stop using backhanded ways and making the word fail/failure out to be a positive one – because right behind it is success. – WRONG.  There are some well-meaning well thinking persons who have latched on to this foolishness and started repeating it to others. SERIOUSLY! It doesn’t always work like that – fail – then succeed. Besides there was an incident about a boy who went up against a giant and defeated him ONE TIME – which was the first time – pretty successful I think. Now can you imagine if they had told him you are going to FAIL first before you SUCCEED and he approached the giant with that mind-set – I don’t think it would have worked out so well for his village. You know what I mean.

That’s all I’m saying.


– Girl who Rants in Blog


Showing my ‘Gratitude’


So I’ve decided to show my profound gratitude to one particular utility company – since I’ve come to realise that there are a lot of ungrateful people in this world. Will chat about that soon – eventually!


Firstly, thank You for allowing me to feel exactly what a neglected child must feel like – because you know I grew up with loving parents so I was sheltered from this. But you’ve opened up my eyes. I never knew that this was part of the criteria for living on the outskirts of corporate kingdom!!

THANK YOU for allowing me to live with my natural self for those days we didn’t have water, whilst you toiled away at the same repairs from last year or was it the year before that??!! Don’t worry that you didn’t send any trucks out, that’s fine our natural self was a good change, to freshness and such.

Ahhh water - how elusive you've been.

Ahhh water – how elusive you’ve been.

THANK YOU for giving me time off from household duties such as washing, cleaning and to some extent cooking – who needs to do that anyway? Besides, the pile up of clothes in the basket is no big deal – doing twice the work as a working Mom is just so-much-fun. (clenched teeth) And the brownish hue that descended on the floor was not bad, our lungs got use to it after a few coughs. That’s more due to how snuggly we are placed beside our neighbours here on the outskirts of corporate Kingdom. (no room for trees and such)

THANK YOU for constantly directing me, with your weekly reminders, to thinking about getting one of your water tanks from you or whoever it is that is heavily invested in that booming business – due to the minimal flow of your product. Maybe I should get 2 or 3??? hmmmmm?

And your customer service, awwwww, you all must be truly overworked having to tell the same story every single time someone calls to complain, it’s no wonder you all have stopped answering the phone.

It’s been like this on the outskirts of corporate kingdom the few years I have been here – every week I am without your precious commodity – you remind me to say….THANK YOU.


– Girl who Rants in Blog

Jamaican, but Ordinary


You must be wondering why I havent posted anything in a while – or maybe I have nothing to rant about hahahaha – yeah right not so. I’ve been busy with my work and several things came up but no time to rant about it – so this may be more than my usually rant ramble – I may divert all over the place.

I’m Jamaican but I’m Ordinary

Jamaica Flag

Respect Due!

I know people all over the world know about Jamaica – and yes we have white sandy beaches – we LOVE to laugh – we have athletes – we have Bob Marley – we have Reggae & Dancehall and a whole host of famous artistes and popular dance movements. They also know the bad parts, lotto scam, gun & violence(cringing just writing this) road accidents, a weakening economy, yadda yadda yadda. If I didn’t write the country’s name this could be about any country. However this is just 20% of the whole country – 10% of the popular things 10% of the bad things(wish there was none) but the other 80% is just us ordinary folks doing ordinary things in our everyday ordinary life – just like everybody else in the world.

I heard someone was coming to Jamaica to do yet another documentary on the lotto scam – I got soooo annoyed as well as embarrassed for my country – I know how I feel when I get those annoying emails from some country saying I have billions of euro to get – yeah right!!! Then I started to wonder when is someone coming to do a documentary on me and my friends and family – you know something nice!!!  Not just about the bad apple making look bad for the 80% bunch!!! Yes we have had some good documentaries done – usually about the inner city and what they are trying to do to elevate themselves. That’s nice – but that does not represent me either. Oh I get it there is no shock value in my ordinary life because:

  • I am NOT a part of the lotto scam – WILL NEVER BEbobmlegend
  • I have never touched or held a gun – and the only time I see one is in the holster of the police – or on TV
  • I don’t have a famous reggae singing Daddy – My Daddy was a Public Health Inspector
  • I have never smoked weed – Don’t want to, probably can’t anyway – Smoked cigarette twice, and each time I was coughing and coughing my eyes were runny and red and so was my nose I started sneezing and thought I would pass out – yep my sinusitis kicked me in the face. (sorry mommy I never did it again)
  • I’m not a famous Athlete – although I use to run very well in High School – and I was pretty darn good too!!
  • I don’t have dreadlocks – don’t want it, cant handle it –Do you know that some countries do not think you are a true reggae artistes unless you have dreadlocks – so I find that most singers (especially male) as soon as they start to tour, in order for them to get the accolades they deserve they start to locks – hmmm shallow?)
  • I love reggae music – not so much a Dancehall fan – it’s a little too, risqué for me
  • Although we’ve adopted Carnival – I don’t like it – gonna get cussing from some of my friends for this one

SEE – ordinary – some may even say boring BUT…

Jamaica Colourful with Parishes

  • I love the work I do – Contractual Graphic Designer– so I work for myself – fun and something different and new happening all the time
  • Most of my friends have their own businesses too – Some even going international (big up Cabbie Chronicles)
  • I love traveling – only been to 3 countries though the UK , US & Antigua – I’m hoping to go to all the main continents one day.
  • I love traveling all over my island – I’ve been to all 14 Parishes, stayed over in 9 of them(10 if you count the one I live in), gone all around the island once – went one direction one weekend and the following direction the other weekend – LOVED IT Portroyal's Legacy smlwant to do it again with my camera this time!!
  • I love staying in hotels – especially all-inclusive Jamaican owned hotels – so does my daughter – the kid’s got her mama’s heart!!!
  • I love going to any ‘Food’ festival – we have a lot – I like going to the Jerk Festivals and to any Sea Food Festival – I am yet to go to the Yam Festival
  • I love going to the beach, but it has to be a road-trip beach-trip kind of thing – I don’t get to do it often – you think just because I’m an islander I’m there all the time huh? not so.
  • I love going to Craft Markets and Expositions, Gallery opening – or Exhibition Launch (that’s when they have the food tee hee hee)

You see it’s like this for the 80% of us – ordinary things an ordinary life –  But now that I look at it, I think we, the 80% are more than that, I think we are MORE THAN ORDINARY!!


Girl Who Rants in Blog

PS. No, I don’t want a documentary on me – I’m just ranting – I’d more likely like to Design the credits!!

New Year Rant-olution


So it’s a new year – what could I possibly have to rant about? This time it’s not totally a rant let’s call it observations. So over the years I’ve observed that I have stopped growing vertically but the horizontal growth has continued. I have also observed that others have observed it too – some make nicey nice comments, others say nothing  – but you can read it on their faces. One person had even ‘promised’ that I would be ‘big’ like my mother – SO now that my mom has lost a lot of weight – why is it that, that person is not ‘promising’ that I will lose it like my mother too, hmmmmm? (Those people sometimes forget that they too have expanded since they were 20, maybe in a non obvious way). When I was growing up I was told I was too skinny, and that I needed to eat. In high school I was even told, in a ridiculing way, that I don’t have a ‘belly’. What a strange turn of events!

In this overloaded world of keep fit, stay healthy, don’t eat this, cut back on that, count your calories, and lower your cholesterol one can get confused or Healthy Foodeven intimidated when you attempt to get healthy. Good thing I’ve been doing my reading from long long long time ago. Nothing surprises me anymore. First it was said do not eat butter – eat margarine – then they said don’t eat margarine eat butter now I’ve lost track of what we are supposed to use on our toasted bread. It’s all a conspiracy!! Some say you have to exercise 1-2hrs everyday and do abs – others say you just need 10 minutes a day – huh? They’re trying to mess with our minds I tell ya!

I think I know most of the exercise infomercials.(a side-effect of working late sleeping late) From the one that sounds like a ‘law office’, to the ones that want you to ‘go crazy’ and put you in a ‘loony bin’ – geeez What’s the world coming to? There’s one that tells you that you can eat anything up to 5-times a day and lose weight – quite misleading in their presentation, but I understand what they mean. Then there’s the one that says one big meal a day with ‘shakes’ to replace the other meals huh? One set says stay away from processed food – then there is a group that packages your food and sends it to you. Now before you say, that’s not ‘processed’ food – think about it, anything that has to go in a box and you just take it out and heat it up – is ‘processed’ – preservatives MUST be in it. Now I’m not saying it wont work – it probably does it’s just that I’m getting a lot of double/mixed messages.

Yes I have had the green juice - It's not bad at all!

Yes I have had the green juice – It’s not bad at all!

There was even a lady that said we could use breathing techniques and that stretchy thing to lose weight -huh? It’s all a conspiracy!! I watched the Dr Oz show recently and there was a Nutritionist on it that called some healthy foods ‘devil food’ her theory is that some people can gain weight on 5 stalks of asparagus or even almond {Check it for yourself}- so you need to lose weight via your body chemistry not calories. Seriously lady, tell me, who sent you?  They are messing with our minds I tell ya!

51AF7K9CM5L._SL500_SS500_All in all when it comes to weight loss – I mean healthy lifestyle – each person must choose what works best for them – and they definitely don’t need input or reminder from others what the mirror tells them everyday or in some cases the scale!! If I have ever done that to anyone my apologies(at least I don’t think I have). The fads come and go anyone remember 8-min Abs from the 80’s or was it 90’s? We have just the one body – I don’t think we get do-overs so we just have to take care of it as best we can without fear of persecution or ridicule if we so happen to have expanded. We women have enough to contend with in this world.


Girl Who Rants in Blog

PS. IMO Skinny people should not be in the gym – I know I wasn’t when I was skinny-er!!